Black Ops Theatre Company presents the 2018 Bull City Black Theatre Festival, an event created to highlight the voices of current, local Black theatre-makers and creators while hopefully, inspiring a wave of emerging artists and theatergoers who will help populate the stages and audiences of black theatre by black theatre artist.

BCBTF will partner playwrights with local directors, playwrights, technicians, and actors from some of North Carolina’s premier Black theatre groups to explore and present barebones presentations of new, short plays. The festival weekends also include black theater history, scene work, movement and improv workshops lead by all local theatre artists. 

Festival Overall  Goals:

  • Promote a larger public understanding of, and appreciation for, the theatre in North Carolina.
  • Promote awareness and importance of culturally specific work by connecting the City of Durham with its local, professional Black theatre community, by offering acting classes, public presentations, workshops open to the public.
  • Increase representation, visibility, opportunities and bolster more collaboration with this region’s theatres, actors, practitioners, technicians, designers, and administrators of Color from the Black diaspora.
  • Celebrate our likenesses,  differences, uniqueness of aesthetics as theatre artists.
  • Make art that helps us be, see, and become our best selves; engage in stimulating conversation that helps Durham, North Carolina, and America be and become their best selves.
  • Make Durham a destination Theatre community.

Bull City Black Theatre Festival celebrates Black culture in the arts.  We take pride in our stories and we want to support the tellers; We promote accessibility by majority of the workshops being donation based and open to the public; Our festival welcomes allies and is not exclusionary, but, explicitly challenges white supremacy, misogyny, under and mis-representation in the theatre by affirming equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices at the beginning and end of our journey with art and as artists.